Friday, 21 July 2017

Welcome back learners for Term 3 !!! It is your responsibility to Be Organised for school life.

At school we have routines. Routines are very helpful as we know what it is we are doing and what tools we will need to have in order to successfully complete learning tasks. As a member of our school it is your RESPONSIBILITY to follow these simple but very IMPORTANT suggestions about how you can Be Organised.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Manners really do matter!!!!

This week we have been thinking about having good manners and why it is important to have them. This is a brief presentation that three students in my class collaborated on to complete. I must say that, when you are working with others (collaborating)  it is important to have GOOD MANNERS so that you can work well together.


Thank you to these students for this GREAT presentation.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my learners for all of their effort they have put in this term. I am looking forward to term 3.

Thank you to all of my students parents/caregivers and whanau members who have taken the time to catch up with me both in person and over the phone. Your support is very much appreciated by both myself and the students.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Manners matter!!!!! Focus for the rest of the term. Practice them for the rest of our lives!!!

Please try to use your manners where ever you go. Thank you to those of you who stop, look and listen to the speaker. If you need to talk to someone, wait politely and then say "excuse me".  Remember that you can also say "excuse me please" when you would like to get past someone.

Our trip to MOTAT (Museum Of Transport And Technology)

On Thursday this week (22nd June, 2017), Rooms 19, 23 & 24 went to MOTAT. We had an AWESOME time exploring and engaging with the exhibits. Have you heard the expression "A picture tells a thousand words" before? Well it's true. Please enjoy viewing just a few of the pictures that were taken on this FANTASTIC day.

In the beginning..........

All 3 classes in the Dome, to meet our teacher for the day. 

Then we were set free to EXPLORE and LEARN more!!!!!

Wow our classroom is really
different compared to this one!

We visited heaps of different buildings and then it was our time to have our lesson with Ben & Abby.

Ben was telling us about the different
types of bridges there are.   
Ben and Abby building bridges
while explaining the science behind them
Then it was our turn...................................... to build bridges..................................................

This activity required TEAMWORK!!!
Great suspension bridge boys!
Engineers of the future.

So we learnt that bridges are made out of steel, wood and concrete. Thankfully, full scale bridges are not really made out of K'nex.


EXCELLENT team work everyone!!! You built a fantastic ARCH bridge.
On behalf of the Room 19 students and myself I would like to thank the teachers who organised this learning experience for us, the whanau who came along and supported a group and the staff at MOTAT for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. Last but not least, the students for really engaging in all of the AWESOME exhibits.


It was just to hard to pick only 1 AMAZING student to receive this Merit Certificate this week so......


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fantastic Friday- Certificate time.

Week 7 ended in a FANTASTIC way. Kauri team had and assembly and certificates were awarded. As always, it was tough to pick just two worthy students but I did it.

Congratulations to;

 Salome- for being a wonderful student in our class. Salome is new to Room 19 and she has settled in well.

Mazerick received his certificate for offering support to another new student in our class.

As a teacher I feel very proud to have the opportunity to celebrate these young people and their many great qualities.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Have fun and PLAY FAIR! Our focus for weeks 7 & 8


This week we have been learning about Kaitiakitanga and how to be a Kaitiaki.

This is a small sample of what we did during this week.


 We had a lot of fun creating something new from something old. Check out some of the Room 19's students blogs for photos.